"Chinese contemporary art has taken the creative world by storm; catching the attention of the media due to its often distinctive style and record breaking prices set at auction. Beijing is the centre of this cultural and artistic explosion, making available the opportunity to see what it is all about and to collect original works that catch the eye and imagination."

The gallery with a difference for those who appreciate that something special in life.

Beijing Central Art Gallery is recognised as one of the finest and most reputable in China, offering a diverse selection of high quality, imaginative and inspirational works by emerging, mid-career and internationally acclaimed artists. Original oil paintings, acrylic, mixed media, watercolours, Chinese ink, limited edition silkscreen prints and fine sculptures are available.

Since opening in 2005, the gallery has built up a portfolio of outstanding artists; held diverse group exhibitions, including special solo shows and taken part in prominent art shows within Mainland China, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. In December 2009 the gallery was selected by the Chinese Ministry for Art and Culture as the lead gallery out of forty different galleries from around China to represent Chinese contemporary art, at the “China Honourable Galleries Fine Art Exhibition” which took place in Hangzhou, China and Tokyo, Japan. 

Mainland Chinese artists are producing some of the most exciting work available in the international art world. Many of these new ‘masters’ have a strong foundation in traditional skills and techniques; which over time has enabled them to successfully evolve and create their own styles. The diversity of works available through the gallery often exemplifies this innovative approach towards creating exceptional and unique works of art.

Many of the artists the gallery represents have graduated from renowned establishments such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Beijing Painting Academy, studied with famous painting masters and won prestigious awards. Through the gallery we promote the creative achievements of internationally acclaimed and talented emerging artists with great potential, each with their own distinctive style; many of whom have achieved international acclaim from art experts, connoisseurs and museums.

Fine sculptures are a very strong feature of the gallery, with exquisite and graceful pieces by one of China’s most eminent sculptors Zhang Hua, a winner of ‘The 2008 Olympic Landscape Design Competition’ being showcased. Works by Xie Ke and Wang Xinggang have continued to captivate audiences around the world, as have exceptional young talents, such as Ren Zhe and Wu Jiahui, with their contrasting styles.

Much positive attention in the media, combined with successful high profile collaborations with luxury groups, corporations and contemporary art museums, along with a wide range of discerning collectors and investors has led their works becoming an important part of notable collections worldwide.

A dedicated and professional consulting service is available, regarding the selection of original works of art for the home, office, a special project or for investment.

The experienced and professional artists that we work directly with are able to undertake special commissions for unique creative projects that include: the making of larger or specific works of art for public, private or corporate display, such as paintings, sculptures, wall murals and potentially other mediums to meet your personal requirements.

Through our extensive network, we are often able to original works by a specific artist, for projects of all types, corporations and collectors.

As a gallery we are passionate about the exceptional artists we represent and the unique works of high quality art they create.

We believe art should enhance life, touch the soul and refresh the spirit!