Gallery & Services

Professional Consultation

A dedicated and professional consulting service is available, regarding the selection of original works of art for the home, office, a special project or for investment

Special Commissions and Projects

Interior or landscape designers, architects and individuals are welcomed to approach us with any projects that they have in mind; however big or small.

The experienced and professional artists that we work directly with are able to undertake special commissions for unique creative projects that include: the making of larger or specific works of art for public, private or corporate display, such as paintings, sculptures, wall murals and potentially other mediums to meet your personal requirements. 

Sourcing Original Works Of Art

Through our extensive network, we are often able to source original works by a specific artist, for projects of all types, corporations and collectors.


A professional high quality, framing service is available through the gallery, including: handmade Classical European, Chinese Style and Modern Contemporary frames, including Custom Design framing. Conservation framing, including: high-quality stretchers; acid free card, mounting and UV protective glass is available for those who wish to conserve their works of art.

Why Buy From A Gallery?
• Gallery owners are often passionate about the artists they represent and have a wide knowledge about the area of art they are specialising in 

• An experienced dealer is able to explain how a price was determined 

• When buying through a responsible dealer there is the advantage of knowing the price arrived at is likely to reflect a work’s true value

• Buying through a gallery allows the collector time to make a reasoned decision and a dealer is often happy to reserve a work for a client who requires time to consider the possible purchase 

• Many galleries deal directly with the artists they represent, often enabling the prices to be very realistic; making a wide selection of quality art obtainable for all budgets and tastes

• Buying an original work of art is an important decision, and as a professional gallery we like to feel that every client is happy with their choice 

When you purchase a work of art from our gallery you can be sure of the following:

• That it was created by the named artist 

• That it is an original work of art and that the artist has made no other exact copies

• That the gallery obtained the work of art directly from the named artist 

• That you will receive accurate and informative information about the artists and their 

works of art 

• That an after sales service is available if required