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Tang Huijian

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Tang Huijian

The golden thread symbolises the things that are hidden, that could be beneficial or used to control and influence, which can sometimes restrict our overall understanding of what is happening around us.

Shadow puppets are only a part of the “setting” and the whole story, with the “Golden Thread” and the “hidden elements” echoing each other, directly controlling every movement of the characters.

Shadow puppets are like a shadow, following us to every corner of the world, our closest friend, wherever there is light, a shadow puppet is created by a shadow, with each shadow representing a life that is full of philosophy and complications. I use shadows in my work, to evoke a series of dialogue between the shadow, it’s owner and society, including what is happening in it.

Born 1981 in Yongzhuo, Hunan
2009 Graduated Hubei Art College, Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Painting, under Professor Chen Mengxin.
Member of the Hunan Meticulous Painting Association and Member of the Chinese Professional Artist Association
Member of the Meticulous Heavy Chinese Water Association

“Miniature Observation” shown at “The 2nd Beautiful New World Exhibition”, Nanjing International Exhibition Centre, China
“Have My Ways - Young Contemporary Artists Invitational Exhibition” Birdlead’s Technology Zone, Nanjing, China
“2015 Academic Youth Water & Ink Exhibition” Li Keran Academy Gallery, Beijing, China
“Hunan Provence Meticulous Painting Exhibition” Zangfu Gallery, Hunan, China
“Empty Shell - Butterfly Shadow 1” and “Empty Shell - Butterfly Shadow 2” shown at the “5th Chinese Painting Festival”, Tanfang, Lutai Art Exhibition Centre, China
“Return of the Shadow” shown at the “Young Heart 2nd Guang Shanyue Art Exhibition” Guang Shanyue Art Centre, Shenzhen, China

“Autumn Harvest” selected for the “12th National Exhibition - Hunan Area”, received the Excellent Prize, China

“Look Forward” selected for “Rhythm of Ink - National Chinese Paintings Exhibition - Lingnan” received the Excellent Prize, China
“Courtesy of the Night” took part in “Starting From Here - China Academy Youth Exhibition” Guang Shanyue Art Exhibition Centre, Shenzhen, China

“Courtesy of the Night” and “Empty Shell - Butterfly Shadow 2” took part in “Cutting Edge - The 2nd High Level Art College Students Exhibition” Xiamen Exhibition Centre, Xiamen, China

“The Heart and Moon-like Dreams” selected for the “8th National Meticulous Painting Exhibition” NAMOC, Beijing, China

“Fictitious Contact” received “The 1st Academy Meticulous Students Work Exhibition Nomination Prize”, China

“5.12 Walk Out From the Wasteland” selected for the 11th National Art Exhibition, Hubei Area, received the Hubei Art College, Forest Road Special Scholarship Prize, China 
“I Do Not Know You” 6 Artists Exhibition, Hubei Art College Art Gallery, Hubei, China

“Snow Chrysanthemum” entered into the “2008 National Chinese Painting Exhibition”, Nanning, China

“Language of the Butterfly” entered into the “8th China University Art Festival” and received a prize, China