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Feng Zhongyun

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Feng Zhongyun firmly believes

That abstraction does not mean anything at all.
He is convinced 
That in the abstract field of modern ink painting
Substantial training in the basic academic techniques 
Of traditional ink painting skills are indispensable.
So in his abstract flower-bird series,
One can feel the dynamic vitality of youth,
And exquisite details reveal a profound maturity.

by Dr. Ursula Toyka
 Head of DAAD, Germany

Born 1967 in Beijing
Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Chinese Painting Department 
Entered Guo Yi Zhong Chinese Birds and Flowers Painting Program at the Central Academy of Fine Arts
1998 Attended the “Young Artists Invitational Exhibition” Yan Huang Art Museum
1992 “International Orient Cup Chinese Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition” Received the Oriental Award
1991 Solo Exhibition at the Central Art College - his graduate work was collected by the Art College Exhibition Centre
1990 “Flowers & Birds” Five Artists Chinese Painting Exhibition, Chinese Painting Research Centre, Beijin
1987 Entered the Central Art College and majored in Chinese Painting
1985 His work “Pumpkin” was selected for the 1980s China Painting Exhibition and collected by the China Art Association, Beijing

2015 “Feng Zhongyun Water and Ink Exhibition” Lotus Art Gallery, Macau, China

“The Ancient Trend” Exhibition, Art Inn, Beijing, China
“Feng Zhongyun Contemporary Water and Ink Exhibition” Art Inn, Beijing, China

“Paint Freely in China - Chinese Contemporary Outstanding Nomination Exhibition” Casares Museum, Italy
“Dreams Order” The Third Painting Show, Jinanji, China
“Dreams Order” The Third Painting Show, Shanghai, China

“Freely Paint! 2012 Feng Zhongyun New Year Exhibition” Exclamation Art Space, Beijing, China
“Forever Stage” Feng Zhongyun and Zhang Zhaoda, China
Exhibition, Exclamation Art Space, Beijing, China

“Chinese Water and Ink - Feng Zhongyun” Exhibition, Holland
“Walking in the Cloud - 2011 Impression of China Feng Zhongyun Water and Ink Exhibition” Jinan Art Gallery, Jinan, China

“Fashion in Ancient Time” T Art Space, Beijing, China
“Make up for Stage” Exhibition, Shanghai, China

“Forever Stage” Feng Zhongyun and Zhang Zhaoda Exhibition, XYZ Art Gallery, Beijing, China
“Fashion in Ancient Time” MoMa Contemporary, Beijing, China
“Shanzhen Hongbo Art Gallery Solo Exhibition” Shanzhen Hongbo Art Gallery, China
2008 “Dressed Up Chinese Opera Theme Ink Painting Exhibition” Zhu Jizang Art Gallery, China

“Enjoy Life - Solo Exhibition” Singapore
“Fused and Mixed Contemporary Art Exhibition” Liu Haili Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
“The Green Flower” received the Japan North News
Award from the Japan Fuji Mountain Art Gallery

“Zhongyun Flowers Poem and Painting Exhibition” Beijing, China
“The Enjoyment of Life” solo exhibition, Dashanzi Art Zone, Beijing, China
“China Contemporary Art” The National Art Gallery, Beijing, China

2005 “Fused Together” Annual Exhibition - The National Art Gallery, Beijing, China

“Modern Ink and Wash Painting Solo Exhibition” Chutien
Art Gallery, Gansu
“Abstract Ink and Wash - Solo Painting Exhibition” Hubei Gallery, China
“China Contemporary Ink Exhibition” Shandong Art Expo, China

“Contemporary Mainland China Contemporary Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition” Taipei, Taiwan, China
Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Yantai Art Gallery, China
“21st Century Modern Painting Painting Exhibition and Poetry Publishing Affair - Feng Zhongyun” Yantai Art Gallery, Yantai, China
Exploring Color Ink Paintings - Bai Haizhong and Feng Zhongyun Exhibition” Wei Hai Museum, Shandong, China
“Chinese Flower and Bird Painting Exhibition” Shandong Art College, China